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The Library


Florida State Documents NHTSA
News/Commentary DMV - DHSMV - DOT
Helmets Research - Studies
MSF - Training Miscellaneous


Florida State Documents
File Name Date Type / Content
SC/SB12a - Fine Increases - Passed 01/27/09 Bill to increase many traffic related fines - all vehicles
CS/SB40a - Appropriations Bill - Passed 01/27/09 Bill to re-appropriate revenues including motorcycle fund
House Committee Leaders 08 12/09/2008 Florida House Report
Senate Committee Assignments 08 12/03/2008 Florida Senate Report
HB137 Explained 09/16/2008 Explanation of the new law and effects
HB137 - Legal Report 10/14/2008 Greenberg Traurig Report on HB137
Court Clerk Bulletin - HB137 09/13/2008 Citation / Fines Associated with HB137
HB137/SB802 Final 10/01/2008 Final Document with highlighted concerns
Citation Fee Schedule 07/01/2008 Breaks down distribution of fines and court cost
Motorcycle Licensure Law 07/01/08 News Release
Motorcycle Licensure Law - FAQ 07/01/08 FAQ Release on New Law
Sunshine Law Manual 07/01/08 Explains Sunshine Law of Florida
CountyDelegations 3-2007.pdf 03/01/2007 County Delegation Manual - 2007

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration

File Name Date Type / Content
Lower Body Injury Report 09/04/2008 Report on body injury types and related cost
Motorcycle Death Insight 09/03/2008 Slide Presentation
NHTSA Alcohol Fatalities 08/28/2008 Research Notes, Report, Alcohol, Fatalities
NHTSA Helmet Use Analysis 08/18/2008 Analysis Report of Helmet Use
NHTSA Crash Facts 08/14/2008 Crash Facts Bulletin
NHTSA Fatalities Comparison.pdf 08/01/2007 Crash Comparison 2005-2006
NHTSA-CountermeasuresThatWork.pdf 2007 Guide for all Safety Offices, 246 pages
NHTSA2006MotorcycleSafetyPlan.pdf 2006 Motorcycle Safety Program Plan, National
NHTSA2005CrashReport.pdf 08/22/2006 2005 Crash Report, National
NHTSAriseInDeath2005news 08/22/2006 News Release, Death Increase in 2005
NCSA-AlcoholReport.pdf 08/01/2006 Alcohol Related Crash Report
TrendsMotorcycleCrashesNHTSA.pdf 06/01/2006 Crash Report Update
NHTSAcellphoneuses2005.pdf 12/01/2005 Cell Phone Use, Report
NHTSA_Helmet RepealReports.pdf 08/01/2005 Evaluation Study, Repealing Helmet Law
NHTSA-FatalityReport.pdf 08/21/2004 2003 Motorcycle Crash Analysis
FatalSingleVehicleMotorcycleCrashes.pdf 10/01/2001 Single Vehicle Crash Report, Statistics
MotorcycleHelmetEffectiveness.pdf 03/01/2004 Helmet Analysis
MotorcycleTrafficSafetyFacts.pdf 2004 Accident Analysis


News Agencies / Commentary
File Name Date Type / Content
Tampa Tribune - Crashes Increase 01/26/2009 Article tends to support our agenda
Orlando Sentinel Helmet Opinion 08/20/2008 Orlando Sentinel, Opinion, Helmet Usage
Ocala Star Banner - Helmet 08/15/2008 Ocala, Helmet Use, Based on NHTSA report
Charleston News - Helmet Debate 01/13/2008 Charleston News, SC, Helmet
Highway Safety Helmet Use 01/13/2008 Charleston News, SC, Helmet, DOT
Keeping a Cool Head 01/13/2008 Orthopedic News, Sorbie, Helmet
Riders could lose bikes 01/10/2008 Miami Herald, Confiscation, Speeding, Sport Bikes
Bikers Losing Rides 01/06/2007 Orlando, Confiscation, Speeding, Sport Bikes
Cycle News - Noise Study 08/10/2006 Cycle News, Noise Study, Pipes
MADD18 commentary 2006 Ray Henke, Opinion, Cell Phones, Distractions
Dr Hurt Interview 2006 David Hough, Hurt, Interview
LeslieMillerArticle 09/12/2006 AP News, Ben Roethlisberger
UK Speed Control 08/23/2006 MAG-UK, Speed Control
Butterflies and Barriers 08/15/2006 MAG-UK, Europe, Environmental, Barriers
GvilleSun-hardheaded.pdf 06/22/2006 Gainesville Sun, Ben Roethlisberger
Dr. Cendo Statement 06/22/2006 Cumberland News, Opinion, Reply, Helmet Use
MaxwellArticle.pdf 06/30/2006 Newspaper, Ben Roethlisberger
EU Against Bikes 03/30/2006 MAG-UK, Europe, Against Motorcycles
Commentary - Loud Pipes Do What? 2005 Pat Hahn, Motorbyte, Opinion, Loud Pipes
canyouseemenow.pdf 2005 Dennis Schmitz, Opinion, Letter, Yield
Commentary Loud Pipe Madness 2005 Jeffry Tank, Opinion, Loud Pipes
LoudPipeArticle.pdf 03/01/2004 Motorcycle Consumer News, Pipes
BOS-AMA Response 2002 2002 AMA, Burden on Society, University Studies
2000-Article-Bill Varian 07/17/2000 St. Pete, Helmet Law Change


Department of Motor Vehicles
Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles
Department of Transportation
File Name Date Type / Content
2007HwySafetyPlan.pdf 2007 DOT, Highway Safety Performance Plan
2006-2011 LongRangePlan.pdf 09/30/2005 DHSMV, Goals, Future Plans, Objectives to 2011
DistractedDriverReport.pdf 12/01/2004 DHSMV, Distraction, Report
AggresionStudy.pdf 10/01/1999 DHSMV, Aggressive Driving, Accident Cause
Statistical Reports    
2007-Rev Report.pdf 2007 DHSMV, Revenue Report, License Figures, Income
2007-DMVreport.pdf 2007 DMV, Crash Report
2006-Rev Report.pdf 2006 DHSMV, Revenue Report, License Figures, Income
2006-DMVreport.pdf 2006 DMV, Crash Report
2005-Rev Report.pdf 06/30/2005 DHSMV, Revenue Report, License Figures, Income
2005-DMVreport.pdf 2005 DMV, Crash Report
2004-Rev Report.pdf 06/30/2004 DHSMV, Revenue Report, License Figures, Income
2004-DMVreport.pdf 2004 DMV, Crash Report
2003-Rev Report.pdf 06/30/2003 DHSMV, Revenue Report, License Figures, Income
2003-DMVreport.pdf 2003 DMV, Crash Report
2002-Rev Report.pdf 06/30/2002 DHSMV, Revenue Report, License Figures, Income
2002-DMVreport.pdf 2002 DMV, Crash Report
2001-Rev Report.pdf 06/30/2001 DHSMV, Revenue Report, License Figures, Income
2001-DMVreport.pdf 2001 DMV, Crash Report
2000-Rev Report.pdf 06/30/2000 DHSMV, Revenue Report, License Figures, Income
2000-DMVreport.pdf 2000 DMV, Crash Report
1999-DMVreport.pdf 1999 DMV, Crash Report
1998-DMVreport.pdf 1998 DMV, Crash Report
1997-DMVreport.pdf 1997 DMV, Crash Report
1996-DMVreport.pdf 1996 DMV, Crash Report


Research / Reports / Interviews
File Name Date Type / Content
NCHRP - Study 500 02/07/09 Motorcycle Highway Safety Study - Lg file 3.3mg
World Congress Report 11/20/2008 Motorcycle Safety and Design - Future Motorcycle
BlowingTheLidOff.pdf 2006 Helmets, Understanding, Construction, 36-page Report
HeadNeckInjuries-GoldsteinResearch 2004 Helmets, Neck, Head, Damage
Motorcyclist Craniofacial Injury Patterns 2004 Helmets, Neck, Head, Damage
Protecting Your Head - AMA Interview 11/01/2002 Thom, AMA, Interview, Helmet
Stroker Interview 2003 Stroker, Helmet Law
TruthAboutHelmetLaws.pdf 2003 Fitzwater, Perry, Research, Helmet Usage


Research / Studies
File Name Date Type / Content
ConspicuityResearch.pdf 2005 Technical, Research, Visual
CTDOT_HurtReport.pdf 1981 Hurt, Famous Report
Cycle News - Noise Study 08/10/2006 Cycle News, Noise Study, Pipes
MADD-Cell Phone Report 2006 Ray Henke, Cell Phone, Distraction


Motorcycle Safety Foundation - Miscellaneous Training Files
File Name Date Type / Content
060822-NHTSAriseInDeath2005news 08/22/2006 News Release, Death Increase in 2005
MSFbasicHandbook.pdf 06/01/2006 Training Handbook
MSF-NAMS-2006.pdf 2006 National Agenda for Motorcycle Safety
NAMS-ImplementationGuide2006.pdf 2006 National Agenda Implementation Guide
ObservingArticle.pdf 2006 Megarider Organization Training Material
tenstepguide.pdf 2006 Beginner's Guide to Motorcycling


File Name Date Type / Content
nofault2006.pdf 12/01/2005 2006 Florida No-Fault Insurance Explained
PublicRecordGuide2006.pdf 2006 Guide to Florida Public Records Policy